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An elegant dinner based on fresh fish, excellent Champagne Gran Cru, an interesting conversation, a top location and in the company of a woman of exceptional beauty, what more could you want from an evening? Her curves, her elegance and beauty, mischievous and enchanting sweetness that will make your moments unforgettable, here is what we think offers the possibility, indeed the luck of being able to meet an Escort of the highest level in Milan.

Top Class Luxury Escort, enchanting models with whom to talk and live moments of great class and elegance. Their culture, intelligence and desire to live life with freedom without filters but always in the utmost discretion and professionalism, qualities that only the Luxury Escorts in Milan can offer.

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Jessica Luxury

Jessica Luxury Escort in Milan

Elettra Luxury

Elettra Luxury Escort in Milan

Nadia Rose

Nadia Rose Luxury & Top Class Escort Milan

Cleopatra Luxury

Cleopatra Escort Luxury Milan

Lara Love

Lara Love Escort Luxury Milan

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Hello to all dear gentlemen!
My name is Lara and I am an independent escort in Milan .
They are not affiliated with an agent or agency, so all correspondence is kept confidential.

I’m the lady in the photos! All my pictures are authentic and recent!

I am an Italian woman full of passion, intimate and classy for respectful gentlemen of high level.

Every minute spent with me is like magic that takes you out of reality and places into a wonderful resort full of pleasure and harmony.

I work in OutCall , I will always wear something appropriate for the occasion.

Top Class Escort in Milan

If we talk about Top Class First Escorts we are referring to a girl who is able to offer you unique moments of relaxation, a woman who will surely be able to fully stimulate your senses and get you excited.

“A first class Escort is a real expert.”

When you meet a first class escort you will be enveloped by a feeling of total calm and this thanks to a very pleasant environment, background music and soft lighting.
You will reach the heights of relaxation through unique massages all over your body, you will be completely naked and wrapped around each other, you will experience immense pleasure and warmth.

A first class Top Escort woman is emotion at the highest levels

A first class Escort will be able to totally involve you by giving you very powerful erections, they are beautiful but also very intelligent girls, they will also know how to listen to you.

The Top class Escort is suitable for wealthy men.

They don’t even know what vulgarity is, class is their main feature, they are always available, both for short moments or for long periods, you can spend exclusive and unforgettable moments with them.

Being a service addressed to people of a certain level, we speak of a very reserved and top-level service for very demanding people, men who know very well how to treat a classy woman.

The standards of these Top class Escorts are not for everyone given the high standards and all wealthy men who decide to request such a service are fully aware of what they are going through, high values ​​of elegance and refinement.

“They are not cheap at all”

We are talking about a physical and mental beauty that goes beyond normal standards, they are deeply kind and refined, very sensitive, lovers of life from every point of view and this is why only a rich man can make them feel at ease.

If you are part of this small niche of men and you have the desire to spend unforgettable moments then a first class Escort is just what you need, try this experience and you will not regret it.

They are tireless Romantic and they like to be courted, they are very sensual but at the same time very transgressive, they have no taboos and they know how to cancel any form of inhibition to create the right passion.

Their discretion is unique, take them with you on a weekend or on a business trip, it does not detract from the fact that you could ask for their company even just for a dinner or a social party.

A Top class Escort is characterized by a gorgeous physique, a sunny character and a smile that, only that would make anyone fall in love, endowed with the highest elegance and charm and willing to meet gentlemen to give him moments of relaxation on any occasion, they are very versatile, they know how to behave in every place and situation.

Bring her to dinner, exclusive venue, expensive wine, maybe champagne at the end of dinner, a classy escort in Milan knows how to safeguard the privacy of her customers, discretion is the basis of their character.

Discretion and reliability, the top qualities of a first-class Top escort.

If you are really willing to spend unique moments in the company of a first-class Top escort then do not wait too long, let yourself go to your senses, your passion, be captivated by a mischievous look, be seduced by the emotions that will make you feel.

A first class Escort is the symbol of the sexy girl par excellence, only for wealthy men, women who know how to provoke and tickle anyone’s senses and fantasies.

Dedicated to men of high economic profile, men who know how to enhance such a woman, a classy woman with a fantastic body.

How to meet first class Escorts in Milan

You can safely call them and make an appointment, be overwhelmed by their voice and start immediately to imagine how to make your dreams come true, you will no longer be able to do without it, if you are looking for one you know that you can only find them in the best sites, sites Websites that only deal with Top Class Top Escorts

First Class Escort in Milan

If you really want to experience moments of intense relaxation then we recommend a first class Escort, only with her you can try what it means to be stimulated in all senses.

“A first class Escort is a real expert.”

When you go to find a first-class escort at home, you will find yourself in a very welcoming and clean environment, soft lighting and relaxing and themed music.

You will experience moments of absolute relaxation and maximum excitement with the massages that she will give you, imagine your naked bodies caressing each other.

Only in the company of a first-class escort can you experience emotions that you have never experienced before.

They are very beautiful women, with a gorgeous physique but they are also very intelligent and sensitive, most of them are ex-models who will be able to deal with whatever topic is proposed to them.

The first class Top Escorts in Milan are exclusive to wealthy men.

They are women with a very high class and they will never be vulgar, you can decide to make her stay with you for a short period as a pleasure or business dinner, or take her with you for a longer period on a pleasure or business trip .

The first class Top Escorts are women reserved for wealthy men, demanding men, who know how to treat a woman of that level.

They are women who like to be wooed, women who like to receive gifts and attend only truly exclusive and classy environments, environments that only wealthy men can afford to attend.

The rich men who contact them know that they are demanding and very high-class women and they know how to enhance them.

They are not cheap women given their immense beauty and intelligence, they are very refined, they love life and all the people who manage to make them live it to the maximum in extreme luxury.

If you fall into this category of man then contact one and she will be at your disposal and will make you spend unforgettable moments.

They are very polite, very sensual, kind but also extremely transgressive women, they have no inhibitions and do not know the meaning of the word taboo.

Take them with you to a dinner maybe with a nice bottle of champagne or a business trip, their bearing will charm everyone and will not go unnoticed.
Discretion is their greatest quality, they know that a businessman has his private life and privacy and for no reason will he be endangered.

If you are looking for something truly unique then you can find the first class Escort you like, let yourself go to the emotions and be overwhelmed by the passion that only a first class Top Escort can give you.

Where to meet a first class Escort in Milan

You can contact them by phone, they are always available, you can find the numbers only in the best sites that deal with this topic, only on quality sites where only Top Class First Escorts are included.